+Land Use / Entitlements
VSV handles entitlements the right way.  We view entitlements as the backbone of every project and the key to achieving the parcel’s highest and best use.  As seasoned developers we know what it takes to obtain permits and zoning in a smart, coherent  and timely fashion and in a way that maximizes the use, functionality and value of a project.  We coordinate the entitlement process with all professionals involved (i.e. legal, architectural, designer, engineers and other consultants) and we work closely with local commissions, agencies and city officials to obtain the most favorable entitlements possible in the best interests of Owners and their projects.
+Project Feasibility
We build smart. Before building we take the steps to ensure our clients get the maximum return on their projects. We carry out extensive research, study and run financial models to achieve highest and best use planning and evaluate cost to build versus projected returns. We take into account the physical functionality of the project/site and its financial feasibility.
+Mixed Use Programming
We stick to the program. VSV works diligently to develop strong components that enhance the overall property. We ensure that the site not only meets the guidelines set out in the master plan, but that the design exhibits a high level of functionality. We align our clients’ sites with third parties and operators whose services translate the overall essence of the brand.
+Brand Alignment
We build buildings and grow brands. Our building method is designed to mirror our clients’ brand initiatives. We re-purpose sites and locations, interjecting a style and aesthetic that is central to the clients’ message. From the smallest design detail to the structures dimensions the brand is undoubtedly evident.
+Capital Sourcing & Coordination
Pojects need funding. We can help owners locate and source capital to further the project. Whether through institutions, through private sources or through federal, state and local programs, we know how to connect to capital and we know how to finance projects.
+Construction Management
We’re thoughtful when it comes to space. We offer an unmatched approach to space utilization, working to increase the investors’ or owners’ returns on a cost to build versus projected revenue basis. We ensure that while each space reflects a strong design aesthetic, it is always cost-efficient, functional and feasible, long term.
+LEED Certification
We build for a better future. We offer clients a choice of building with a green initiative. Our construction and design team is equipped with the tools to identify and implement environmentally conscious measures throughout the site as well as provide green maintenance solutions. 
+Asset Management
Even when the project is complete, open and operating as an asset, we work closely with the client to ensure that all contracts and obligations are completed and fulfilled and VSV manages the asset’s financial performance to ensure the project is operating at a high standard and successfully meeting financial benchmarks.

What we Do…

VSV develops environmentally conscious projects with institutional partners and is intentionally positioned as a lower volume, higher margin development services firm.  VSV, being locally based in Dallas, TX believes that it can apply its core competencies: flexibility, speed and brand alignment to the subject property which will allow its clients to leverage and strengthen their core business practices both here and abroad.